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L'Oréal Campaign

Creating #BlueHeart, a campaign imagined for L'Oréal to reduce its plastic impact.

In my 3rd year of my Bachelor, with a team of 4 people, we created 3 main ideas in order for L'Oréal to reduce its plastic impact in the ocean.

Focusing on 3 missions: to prevent, to manage, and to clean up, we did research on insights and actual facts regarding the plastic pollution in the ocean. We came up with the hashtag "BlueHeart" campaign and we explained our ideas.

  1. Refill Popup Store: L'Oréal will offer personalized products in refillable recycled bottles.

  2. Beauty Recycling Guide: Provide an essay step-by-step recycling guide for beauty products.

  3. Ocean Cleaning Robot: L'Oréal will sponsor an automatic cleaning robot to clean plastic pollution in the ocean.

These ideas were presented throughout an animated format video including all the information needed.

The project was supervised by Professor Sivan Ben Horin from Reichman University.

Power in Numbers.

Overall Grade


Project Gallery.

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