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Business Challenge 2

Creating a brand audit to improve the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's brand identity and increase sales.

During this Business Challenge, my team and I have been in charge of conducting research and proposing recommendations for the Isabella Stewart Gradner Museum. The main goal was to increase sales and brand awareness.

We analyzed all kinds of factors and we conducted primary and secondary research. During the primary research, we went to the museum and collect data such as the NPS score, issues we have seen, and challenges.

In the secondary research, we spent time finding relevant information about the museum, its competitors, its brand awareness and loyalty, its history, etc.

With all these information, we have created 3 realistic and effective strong recommendations.

  1. Creating a puppetry show called "Isandaventure" to make children more involved in the museum. It will improve the target experience and i

  2. Proposing an NFT strategy to prevent stolen items, protect art, and target a younger audience. It will preserve digital safety through blockchain technology, h

  3. Producing a Netflix film called "The Empty Frame" to increase sales, improve exposure, and maximize brand visibility. This strategy will also be accompanied by a refreshed logo of the museum.

By putting in action those recommendations the museum could improve its identity and increase sales. Also, those ideas allow the museum to maximize brand visibility, create memorable experiences for the target audience, adapt itself to the digital era, and follow the will of Isabella of "education and joy forever".

The project was supervised by Professor Jeff Schiebe from Hult Business School.

Power in Numbers.

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