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Business Challenge 1

Outdoor Voices Business Challenge. How to increase the physical presence of the brand.

This was a Business Challenge where I and my team worked on a strategy for the brand Outdoor Voices in order to increase its physical presence in Massachusetts state.

We analyzed different factors such as the competitors, the industry, the customers, and the trends. With the data given, we also take into consideration the revenues and the company's performance.

With all these information, we have created a strong strategy.

The main idea was to open Pop up store near Harvard square to enjoy the dynamism and the young potential customers. The stores would be dedicated to students by targeting them with interesting hashtags such as "#ForThoseWhoCode". Customers would feel related to the brand and so, create a solid relationship with Outdoor Voices.

By using our strategy the brand would make important benefits which include higher performance, better image brand, and new stores around Massachusetts state.

The project was supervised by Doctor Caryn Pang from Hult Business School.

Power in Numbers.

Overall Grade


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