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Gabriel Chouraqui

Marketing Manager with a strong academic background in Digital Marketing Strategies, SEO and Data Analysis.

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Gabriel Chouraqui

About me.

I am a marketing manager with a strong set of skills that I am eager to apply. My academic background includes expertise in digital marketing strategies, SEO, data analysis, social media and more.

In addition, I possess strong leadership and teamwork capabilities, making me a reliable and effective contributor to any project or task at hand.

I have the ability to adapt to any situation and confront challenges with ease.

I am a loyal team player who can also work independently when required.

In brief, I am a hardworking person who is dedicated to achieving success in both my personal and professional life.


I am excited to be here today and looking forward to new opportunities!


Master of Science in International Marketing

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


Bachelor of Art in Communications

Major Marketing, Minor Business


Herzliya, Israel


Follow the process.


Believe in yourself


Set clear goals


Take actions toward achieving them


Ready to onboard me?

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